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All About DEL & CO. Solicitors

We are specialist immigration, family, employment, contract, charity law and civil litigation solicitors based in London, United Kingdom. We also deal with Charity Laws.

Del & Co. is recognized as specialists in Immigration Law. Our services cover all aspects of British Immigration and Nationality Law. We have a deep and up to date knowledge of immigration law and how it is implemented. We have gone further by hosting a daily TV programme called The Legal Panorama where our Principal Solicitor, Dele Olawanle is the host. He explains the ever changing immigration law by simplifying it for the general public. This allows us to provide clients with legal advice they can rely on and represent them if they ever need our services. Through our Legal Panorama programme on television, millions are being educated daily on Immigration and Asylum Law. All aspects of European Law are also covered. See our Diversity Data 


All About Dele Olawanle

Dele Olawanle is the Principal Solicitor and owner of Del & Co. Solicitors. He is a vastly experienced Solicitor and is also an experienced advocate who has argued in court all over England and Wales. He had a running battle with the Immigration Authorities where he reported at police stations for 8 years, was detained for 5 weeks and was almost deported before being granted settlement in the UK. He present most of the cases in several courts. He is also committed to excellence. Dele Olawanle is the host of the popular daily TV programme, Legal Panorama. Legal Panorama is a legal programme where he discusses current and legal issues that affects people’s everyday lives. The show currently broadcasts on Faith World TV and Believe TV, Monday to Friday every week.

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